RRRASOC Board of Directors and Staff


Fred Zorn, City Administrator, Southfield

Vice Chairman

David Boyer, City Manager, Farmington Hills


Chelsea Pesta, Administrative Assistant, Walled Lake


Gary Mekjian, Assistant City Manager, Farmington Hills

David Murphy, City Manager, Farmington
Christian Wuerth, Village Manager, Milford
Donald Green, Township Supervisor, Milford Township
Pete Auger, City Manager, Novi
Paul Zelenak, City Manager, South Lyon
L. Dennis Whitt, City Manager, Walled Lake
Steve Brown, City Manager, Wixom

Designated Board Alternates
Chuck Eudy, Director, Farmington Department of Public Services
Karen Mondora, Director, Farmington Hills Department of Public Services
Robert Calley, Director, Milford Department of Public Services
Victor Cardenas, Assistant City Manager, Novi
John Michrina, Deputy City Administrator, Southfield
Tim Sikma, Director, Wixom Department of Public Works

[Board Meeting Documents]


Michael J. Csapo

Mike Csapo has been the General Manager of RRRASOC since 1994. Prior to working with RRRASOC, he was a planner at the municipal and regional levels, served in the U.S. Army, and worked in the newspaper industry. Mike holds a Master of Public Administration degree, a Master of Arts in Economics, and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. He is a member of the American Public Works Association, the Solid Waste Association of North America, and the National Council for Public Private Partnerships. Mike serves on the Executive Committee of the National Council for Public Private Partnerships.

Email: Mike Csapo at mcsapo@rrrasoc.org

Laura Shaw
Laura Shaw has been RRRASOC’s Administrative Secretary since 1994 and fields many of the member communities’ day-to-day recycling questions. Prior to working with RRRASOC, Ms. Shaw worked in advertising. She holds an Associate’s degree in Business Administration.

Email: Laura Shaw at lshaw@rrrasoc.org

Tracy Purrenhage
 Tracy serves as RRRASOC’s Recycling Coordinator. With a degree in Environmental Policy and Natural Resource Management and over 20 years of experience in the industry, Tracy has worked in the municipal and private sectors managing solid waste and recycling programs, at the regional level working in surface water and has extensive experience in environmental education. As a contractor to the Recycling Authority, Tracy is responsible for public education and outreach to our member communities.

Email: Tracy Purrenhage at education@rrrasoc.org