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Beginning in February for our residents in South Lyon (starting Feb. 10) and Wixom (starting Feb. 12), Simple Recycling is piloting a new program that makes it easy to recycle unwanted clothing, textiles and small household items on the same day as your weekly, recycling pick-up service. For more information on this new program, please click here. For all residents, please remember you’re always able to donate used household items to local charitable organizations.

Happy Spring! Yard Waste pick-up is beginning again. Walled Lake and South Lyon will begin yard waste pick-up the week of March 31st and Farmington, Farmington Hills, Southfield, and Wixom start the week, April 7th.

RRRASOC’s GetIn2R campaign strives to promote the benefits of recycling not only in Southwest Oakland County, but also throughout the region. Click here for more information.

About the MRF

The RRRASOC Materials Recovery Facility (or MRF) was completed in 1994. The facility was built on a site of a vacant manufacturing facility, symbolizing RRRASOC’s commitment to “recycling” the urban infrastructure. In partnership with its private operating contractor, ReCommunity Detroit, RRRASOC recently completed a program to retrofit the MRF from a dual stream to a single stream process. With these changes, recycling at the curb becomes easier and more convenient. The MRF is now capable of processing up to 25 tons of recyclable material per hour from residential curbside recycling programs, commercial and industrial businesses, and items collected from the two recycling drop-offs.


Click here to see an interactive demonstration of how the MRF works.


Visit the About the MRF for more information.

About MRF


Welcome to the RRRASOC website.

We have been serving the communities of Farmington, Farmington Hills, Novi, South Lyon, Southfield, Walled Lake, and Wixom since 1989. RRRASOC provides a wide variety of recycling services to its member communities, including drop-off centers, household hazardous waste and electronics recycling events. We invite you to explore our site to learn more about how we make it easier to recycle in Southwest Oakland County.



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